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from Connecting with God


     "For some, loving one's self is as natural as breathing, but for me self-love had always been something I struggled with.  I had difficulty believing another could love me just because of who I was.  I felt as though, if a person loved me, it was because they had to.

     It was only when I started to connect with God that I truly started to love myself.  With this break through, I could now believe others could really love me for who I am.  I also seemed to draw more people who would appreciate me.  My biggest realization was that I didn't need to be perfect to be loved."


     "When I was first told how to meditate, I was told to imagine a blank white screen.  I could do that for about ten seconds and then my mind went, "This is boring."  I needed something more active, yet still calming.  I needed scenery.  I often picked a beach with the ocean tide gently moving.  Then I imagined strolling down the beach." 

     "In meditation you can go anywhere you want... You are only limited by your imagination."

                                                                                                  MY FIRST VISIT

     "It was at this point that I lowered my head and started second guessing my choice.  My fear of God rose up in me.  My belief that I was unworthy reared its ugly head.

     I slowly raised my head to look again at God.  His face glowed with a smile that reached His eyes.  I shyly returned the smile.  God spread His arms, welcoming me.

     In that moment, it was like I turned into a child.  I ran the twenty feet that separated Us and leapt into His arms and lap.  The joy I felt is hard to describe.  I WAS home."