About Ruth Reneau

Fifty-nine year old Ruth Reneau, is married with two children and five grandchildren. If asked to describe her self, the first thing that comes to her mind is ordinary. Then her inner voice says, "Extraordinary, like everyone else."

Like everyone, there were ups and downs in her life.  In 1995, she would be affected by a mysterious illness. After a year of doctors, hospitals and tests, one doctor told her it was all in her head.  He said something in her head was triggering her attacks. So in an attempt to cure herself, she went to a hypno-therapist, who was also a shaman. While the hypno-therapist helped the attacks a little, she opened Ruth to her spiritual nature.

Ruth started to journey and meditate daily. She read books and eventually went online to new age chat rooms. With time, she recognized (opened up to) her psychic ability. At first, she would just do free readings online. Soon she started hosting practice reading nights at Sacred Site.com.  Next, she cautiously stepped out of her shell by doing readings at the new metaphysical shop in town, The 12th House. Then she started teaching a class called Connecting at Sacred Sight.

She was pondering the question, “If I could give my kids and grandkids anything, what would it be?” She considered things such as health, wealth, courage, self esteem and strength. As she pondered these things, Connecting with God popped into her head. She knew right away this would be the greatest gift she could ever give them. For right now they might need courage or self esteem, but down the road maybe they would need something else, and if they learned how to connect with God they would always have Him to help them with whatever they needed. As she started to put the book together for them, she realized she wanted to share this with as many people as she could.  That is how she came to write and publish the book.