Customer Reviews

Connecting with God nourishes the soul and opens your eyes. It’s one of those rare books you can't just read once and each time you read it, you walk away with something new that changes you from the inside out.
By Christine Howard 

Ms. Reneau has written a wonderful guide for anyone interested in establishing a personal relationship with The Divine.  Her methods are clearly explained and easy to follow.  Connecting with God is a gift to the heart and soul of anyone who reads it. 
By Elizabeth Sayle

Ruth has always been someone who is teaching others and this wonderful insightful book shows just this.  I felt like Ruth was speaking to me, telling me about God and his love for us.  This book is full of insightful statements and I loved the different meditations she offers to each reader.  The wonderful thing about this is that when I am reading the book I feel so much love from God in the words that Ruth shares with us.  The meditations show us how we can connect to the love that God gives to all of us. Thank you Ruth for this …… It is a great resource for all that read the book.
By Peg J. - Peabody, MA 
Life Coach   

After reading Connecting with God, I felt better able to make my own connection.  Connecting with God is a very special book, written and shared with love.
By Robert S.

The author provides very practical ways for the inexperienced to connect with God, and for the experienced to expand their horizons as well.  I commend the author who provides heart-felt advice in a very personal way, from her own experiences.  If this helps even a small number of people connect with God that will be more good work than many accomplish in a lifetime.   
Highly recommended!
By Vicki G. - Illinois