Connecting with God

Have you ever discovered something that was so wonderful you just had to share it?  That is what I have found!  What I found will bring me comfort when I need it most, encourages me when I feel low, and quite simply put, makes my life more enjoyable. 

What is this wonderful discovery? 

I call it, Connecting with God.   And it is my desire to share this secret with everyone.

Connecting with God is something everyone can do.  In this book, I offer strategies, techniques and methods to help you improve your life too, by Connecting with God yourself.
                                          Ruth Reneau


Customer Reviews

Connecting with God nourishes the soul and opens your eyes. It’s one of those rare books you can't just read once and each time you read it, you walk away with something new that changes you from the inside out.
By Christine Howard 


Ms. Reneau has written a wonderful guide for anyone interested in establishing a personal relationship with The Divine.  Her methods are clearly explained and easy to follow.  Connecting with God is a gift to the heart and soul of anyone who reads it. 
By Elizabeth Sayle

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"Most people believe you have
to be "special" to connect with God... But what most of us
don't realize is that everyone is special and unique in
 their own way and everyone can connect with God."

from Connecting with God
(Back Cover)